Property Owner Frequently Asked Questions

How often will I hear from the property manager? How soon will I be notified if there is an emergency or major issue with the home?

We return all emails and phone calls the same day unless out of the office. You will be notified immediately if there is an emergency or major issue at your home.

Why should I hire your company to manage my property?

We are well known for our customer service and ability to keep our homeowners informed at all times when issues arise. As a full-service Property Management company, we perform 6-month inspections and maintain all of our rental properties as if they are our own.

Do you offer any type of conflict resolution?

We handle all communication between homeowners and tenants including tenant disputes.

What do Property Managers do?

Property Managers deal directly with prospects and tenants, saving you time and worry over marketing your rental property. We collect rent, handle maintenance concerns, respond to tenants’ complaints, and pursue evictions if necessary.

What is a property inspection?

Every six months our maintenance manager goes to your home and takes hundreds of photos. He then sends a thorough report and handles any issues if need be.

How long will it take to rent my property?

There are months where the rental market slows down, but we typically place tenants within 1-3 weeks of marketing a home.

Do I lose control of my property once you start managing it?

We work for you. We will makerecommendations, but you have the final say in how your home is managed.

Do I need property insurance once you start managing it or do you provide it?

It is the homeowner’s responsibility to obtain homeowners insurance. We highly recommend tenants obtain renters insurance as well.

Do you only manage residential properties?


Do you pay for maintenance services?

Yes, we pay vendors for services rendered and will deduct the cost from that month’s rent proceeds.


Do you charge a pet deposit?

We charge tenants a $250 non-refundable pet fee per pet. The pet fee goes directly to the homeowner.

Do I need to sign the lease? Do I get to see it?

 Yes, all leases are sent electronically for signatures.

Can you start managing my property today?

Yes, we can begin managing your home in, in most cases, start marketing it the same day.

Can I still use my favorite plumber or contractor for repairs?

Yes, we ask you for a preferred list of vendors. We keep them on file and call them when needed. If you do not have preferred vendors we assign one of our trusted vendors.

Do I have a say in who rents my home? What if I don't want pets in my home?

Yes, when an application is submitted, we send the homeowner all of the applicant’s information. We run a credit and criminal background check as well as any past evictions. If a homeowner does not prefer pets, we market the home as NO pets.

How many properties can you manage for me at once?

There is no limit.

Do I need an attorney for evictions? Or do you handle this as well?

We handle the eviction process and go to court on your behalf.

Who actually handles my property? Who is my main contact?

Anna Virtue handles all of our rentals and is the main contact for Moore County Living.